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nGlobe Systems provides Services, Projects, Solutions, Systems and Products for customers that demand to cover the overall ICT Infrastructure needs of the Small and Medium Enterprise.
Our key goal is to adapt to our customers budget constraints providing a combination of open and proprietary solutions with a higher that average degree of customization.

We are an experienced team that had experience in large multinational companies from the ICT and Space businesses with skills in lab system development, ICT service architecture definition and ICT Infrastructure.

We have got the knowledge from our past and we have applied it for our customers since 2003.

Our portfolio has been architected as a layered structure behind the goal of underpinning the Business Processes that require an underlying Information Service Architecture. This method of categorizing our portfolio is based on the Enterprise Architecture Pattern ( and the inspired by the layered OSI Protocol Stack (

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Our mission underpin the BUSINESS PROCESSES of our customers with and ICT
Infrastructure that provides ICT services and it is deployed delivering ICT projects.

Our infrastructure is made up by two pillars: the DataCenter and the WorkPlace.

Both columns bear the customer business processes and are provided at a competitive cost and using a wide variety of open and proprietary components and serviced by a help desk with senior experienced staff.

The WorkPlace pillar is divided in the following layers:

  • Virtual Desktop Layer (VDI)
  • Desktop and Laptop computer Layer
  • Printer Layer.

The DataCenter Pillar is divided in the following layers:

  • Business Process Layer
  • Application Layer
  • Operating System Layer
  • Virtual Server Layer
  • Physical Server Layer
  • Local Area Network Layer
  • Wide Area Network Layer
  • Structured Cabling Layer
  • Rack Layer
  • DataCenter Building Layer

nGlobe Services and Projects cover all the layers of the two pillars and so cover the full range of ICT needs to support the Business Processes.