Since 2001

More than a decade serving our customers

The venture that lead to Stoorlabs started in 2001 when a few space engineers decided to start their own company. The combined skills they shared for the venture starp-up comany were:

  • ICT Support Services at WorkPlace
  • Laptops, Desktops, and Printers
  • ICT Maintenance Services at DataCenter
  • Web Hosting
  • Corporate Applications
  • DataCenter and Departamental Servers
  • Local Area Networks
  • Front End Communications, and DataCenter Structured Cables and Rack Design
  • Software Engineering
  • Real Time Systems
  • Digital Signal Processing Systems
  • C++, ADA, PHP,.NET Platform, and JAVA Platform

The first action was the creation of the Stoorlabs Core Lab where they built prototypes based on pubic domain software to store remotely large amounts of data in protected by encryption. As soon as the prototype systems were tested they started to be delivered to the first http://gradeessaywriter.co.uk/ customers under the brand names of STOORLABS and BAQAP.

After some years of operations the customer demanded Stoorlabs additional ICT Services in terms of support for datacenter computers and corporate applications such as Mail Servers, CRM, Data Bases and Web Servers. As a result Stoorlabs increased the service portfolio to satisfy the new emergent customer needs.

At this stage Stoorlabs provided services to the following industries:

  • Industrial Refrigeration
  • Food Processing
  • Anti-Theft Systems, and Tax Consulting

Our ties with some customers grew as was the case of Anti-Theft Systems. This led to a new business relationship where they provided the anti-theft terminal devices and we linked them with a cloud based ICT infrastructure to provide a system with an adtional intelligence layer. As a consequence the new systems werer more easy to command and control remotely. Moreover our cloud increased an order of magnitude the storage capacity for video footage and event logs.

At some point some medium/large-sized customer requested us a higher degree in formality by adhering to both Services and Projects Standards. Stoorlabs accepted the challenge and started to provide staff with certification in ITIL/ITSM standard for Service Management and PMP for Project Management. Today Stoorlabs provides a Lecturer to a Graduated School of the University of Castellon to train young engineers in the PMP Project Management Standard.

In addition to Services Stoorlabs deliveres Project in both ICT Infrastructure and Software Engineering areas.

In recent times Stoorlabs has started operations in the international enviornment.