inMOVIX DataCenter

/inMOVIX DataCenter

Stoorlabs introduces the inMOVIX DC concept, an Advanced Data Center in a modular standard 20’ container, in partnership with Adam ecoTech.

All the functionalities and performances of a traditional CPD: cooling, power, security and redundancy in portable modules.

Economical, scalable,highly efficient and ready to be deployed in a very short time.

Ideal for installing safely your new CPD in any location or to expand your existing facility with a fraction of the cost and time required for the  construction and implementation in a conventional building. Also suitable for itinerant installations, emergency deployments,or to provide service for punctual demands for IT services.

All in a highly efficient and customizable solution according to
the specific needs for each project.


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✔ Registered standard 20′
naval container

✔ Affordable and fast Data
Center installation

✔ Worldwide delivery

✔ Up to 300 servers

✔ Fully customizable, 312 U available in 8 racks 45U D900mm

✔ High Efficient ,PUE < 1,1

✔ Fire extinguishing, IP, CCTV and intrusion remote control integrated systems

✔ Environment friendly

✔ Tested solution in constant evolution